NY Municipal Archives, new user Q #general

Peter&Karen <sicesp@...>

I recently tried for the first time to request a birth and a death cert.
from the NY Municipal Archives site. As you know, you pay the same fee
whether they find the requested document, or just send you a "not found"

Two days after posting my request, I received two "not found"s. Of course
that is frustrating but would have been a little less so had a couple of
weeks passed before the reply.

I am interested in the experience others have had getting records >from the
archives. I wonder if there might be circumstances in which a record might
be called "not found" although it may be in the archive. Thanks,

Peter Sices, sicesp@michianaweb.com

SICES; T,IZES (Bucharest); EDELMAN (Nagy-varad); BRAUN and SCHOEN (Hungary)

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