KUJAWSKI Ancestors from Lodz & Poznan #general

Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

My paternal grandfather, Simon Woolf (Szija Wolf KUJAWSKI) was born in
Lodz, Poland in 1878. He left Poland for England in the mid 1890's where he
eventually settled (in Birmingham, in the county of Warwickshire). Last
year, a professional researcher in Lodz managed to locate the vital records
for my KUJAWSKI ancestors in the Lodz state archives. (I'd tried to trace
them myself for 4 years, but without avail!). The birth indices revealed
the names of Simon's parents - Icek and Raca (nee MICHALSON), also the name
of two sisters, Kaza Jenway and Trajdla Ryfka KUJAWSKA, also born in Lodz.

Based on the birth dates of my grandfather (1878) and that of his older
sister Kaza (1874) I'm assuming that my great grandparents were married in
1873 or a few years earlier.

My researcher in Lodz informed me that vital records prior to a certain
date (don't recall what date, exactly) are held at the state archive in
Poznan (formerly known as Posen, when it was part of the Prussian Empire -
before being returned to Poland). In July 2003 I wrote to the State
Archive in Poznan (in English but using the correct format and language)
requesting copies of my great grandparents' marriage record. Because I
didn't know the exact date of marriage, I specified "between 1870 and 1874
(probably 1873 or 1874). I have not yet received a response.


Is the state archive in Poznan "ignoring" my letter because it couldn't
find my great grandparents' marriage record? (As stated above, I was unable
to give a precise date of marriage.)

Should I write to the State Archive in Warsaw?

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, CA
Formerly of Birmingham, England

DROZDIAS (or variants), Karczew, Poland, Preston, England
RAUS (or variants), Karczew, Poland
SAFIRSTEIN (or variants), Karczew, Poland, Preston, England
KUJAWSKI (or variants), Lodz, Poland, Birmingham, England
ISAACS (family of Solomon and Sarah), Poland, town near Warsaw,
Birmingham, England
SHORN (family of Morris and Yetta), Poland?, London, England

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