Search for SUKOFF family members #general


I am searching for any descendants of Leon and Anna SUKOFF family.

Here is the information that I have:

On the ship manifest, Brother-in-law, Leon TUKOW at 876-40th St Brooklyn NY
was named as the person to whom my family member Zundel KAHAN was going.
The 1930 U.S. Census shows a Leon SUEKOFF (barber) at the 40th St address in
Brooklyn. His wife, Anna, and three sons, Isadore, Sal(?) and Jacob. Zundel
KAHAN is not shown at the address.

Correspondence in 1928 >from Zundel gives his address as 876 - 40th Street,

I am looking for possible information about Zundel KAHAN's wife and two
children through his wife's family. Zundel Kahan emigrated to the USA in
1926 >from Vilnia, Poland. His wife, Rosa and children, Isaac (Itzak) and
Sara were detained in Havana, Cuba, abt 1931. Itzak did come to the USA,
I have no date of entry >from Cuba. Rosa died in Havana during her detention
there. Don't know what happened to Sara.

I would appreciate hearing >from anyone with any knowledge of this SUKOFF family.

Beatrice Markel
Redondo Beach, CA

KAGAN/KAHAN/COHEN -Dokshitzi/Dolignov/Vileika/Vilnius to-Brooklyn NY,
Chicago, Milwaukee/Fomdlac, WIS.
ZAPODNIK- Kurenets

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