Trying to make contact with TURNER family from Savannah, Georgia, #general

Ogus, Roy <Roy.Ogus@...>

I am trying to make contact with the descendants of a Jewish family who,
during the early part of the 20th Century, lived in Savannah, Georgia (USA),
and then moved to Chicago. I believe this family is related to one of the
branches of my own family, and I would like to explore the details of the
family connection.

The family surname (at least in the USA) was TURNER. (I don't yet know what
the original ancestral surname of the family was.)

The following is what I have pieced together about the family thus far:

I believe that the family arrived in the USA around 1900, >from "Russia".
They appeared to have moved directly to Savannah, Georgia. They may have
had some family living in this in Savannah prior to their arrival.

The family details were as follows:

The father was Louis TURNER, born in Russia, in about 1870.
Louis TURNER's wife's name was Mollie, born in Russia in about 1874.

Louis and Mollie had 7 children:

- Belle, born in Russia, about 1894
- William, born in Russia, about 1897
- Meyer, born in Russia, about 1900
- Harris, born in Georgia, about 1905
- Max, born in Georgia about 1908
- May, born in Georgia, about 1909
- Sam, born in Illinois, in 1915

By 1915, the family had moved to Chicago.

I believe that daughter Belle married Elias TANNENBAUM in about 1912. This
may have taken place in Savannah, or possibly in Chicago. Elias and Belle
TANNENBAUM had (at least) 2 children, Shirley (born ~1917)) and Herman (born

The TANNENBAUM family moved to Chicago with the TURNER family

I know nothing about the families of the other children.

I believe that this family is related to one of my family branches, and I
would thus like to explore the details further with the family.

I would appreciate hearing >from you if you are part of this family, or know
anyone who is. Please reply to me directly.

Thanks for any help.

Roy Ogus
Palo Alto, California

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