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Arnold Davidson <arnoldbd@...>

At 12:00 AM 01/17/2004 -0600, (Carol Raspler) wrote:
I seem to be having difficulties locating sites for contemporary maps
of Israel.
I'm not looking for Biblical sites nor topographical -- just simple maps
where I might locate a kibbutz or a city, etc. etc. Can you advise?
To which Stan Goodman replied:
The best advice is to remember that, even in the early 21st century, the
Internet is not the best source for everything; the best maps are still
printed on paper, and they are readily available, certainly in the US, and
certainly for Israel. They are also far easier to use than online maps.
I heartily concur with Stan that paper maps are generally easier to use and
more complete than online maps. I use something like MapQuest to search
for and give a general location of a site, particularly one that may be
difficult to find on a detailed map. I then locate it on the paper map to
seek out additional information.

Carol is very fortunate to live within the area served by one of the
largest and most active JGSs, the JGS of Palm Beach County. I am sure that
if she brought her question to one their monthly meetings, several people
would be glad to help her. I am the Membership Chair of that JGS and I
have 2 maps of Israel that show Erez. I would be glad to lend them to her.
In addition to Stan's suggestions, I suggest Carol could check the atlases
at some of the fine libraries in the area.

Arnold Davidson
Boynton Beach, FL

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