Tsymety Pytel -- Jewish? #general

Mitchell Balish <rebeccabalish@...>

A while back I received a family tree >from a distant cousin of mine
who had researched our common ancestry. He apparently gleaned this
information >from Polish records, but I don't have a sense of the
extent to which he anglicized the spellings. I think it may have
been considerable, as among the surnames are "Milstein" and "Kalish."

In any event, according to this material, one of my ggg-grandmothers,
born in Poland in 1828, was named Tsymety Pytel. I may not be an
expert, but this doesn't strike me as a Jewish name (whatever that
means). Has anyone come across Pytel as a Jewish name? And does
anyone have any idea what Tsymety might really be? Thanks.

-Mitch Balish

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