Re: Tsymety Pytel -- Jewish? #general

Gershon bi-Kroke <gershon_gp@...>

In any event, according to this material, one of my ggg-grandmothers,
born in Poland in 1828, was named Tsymety Pytel. I may not be an
expert, but this doesn't strike me as a Jewish name (whatever that
means). Has anyone come across Pytel as a Jewish name? And does
anyone have any idea what Tsymety might really be? Thanks.
Pytel is not quite typical, and I would certainly respond that it's not
Jewish, but the first name Cymeta was typical (although rare) among
Jewish families in Poland.

G. Gembala
Krakow, Poland

Researching Gleich, Pillersdorf, Kletzel,
Eskreis, Janczer (Galicia), Simson (U.S.)

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