Re: Polish State Archives From 1940 to 1950 #general

Gershon bi-Kroke <gershon_gp@...>

Would anyone happen to know where to find or has information about
where Polish (including Jewish) census documents are located or
how they were kept and recorded by the Polish government >from 1939
to 1950?
According to my information, the last census taken before the war was
in 1931 - the next would have taken place in 1941. After the war in
1946, a summary counting of people and real-estate took place, in
order to estimate the war losses. The first real post-war census was
organized in 1950.


G. Gembala
Krakow, Poland

Researching Gleich, Pillersdorf, Kletzel,
Eskreis, Janczer (Galicia), Simson (U.S.)

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