Samuel & Samson FINKELSTEIN #general

Paul Silverstone

Among the children of my grandfather's uncle were two brothers, Samuel
and Samson FINKELSTEIN. The family came >from Shumsk in Volhynia to
Winnipeg in the 1880-90s.

My understanding of this family has been:

Samuel B. Finkelstein (son of Chaim) was born in 1873 and died in
Vancouver BC in 1971. His first wife was Lena Titlebaum; his second
wife was Manya Averbach. His children by his first wife were Herbert
and Betsy.

R. Samson Finkelstein (son of Chaim) was born in 1876. His wife was
Maude Squarebrigges. They had two children Zona and a son.

When their father Chaim died in 1920, the probate case described them as:

son R.Samson Finkelstein, of Winnipeg, cattle dealer, in La Jolla,
c/o Titlebaum
son Samuel B. Finkelstein of Victoria (later Stein) later in Seattle
My problem now is that I just discovered in the 1920 US census the

Living in Seattle,
Samuel Stein age 44, his wife Sarah age 42 and
daughter Zona age 8 and son Lloyd age 4. Samuel was born in Poland
arrived in the US in 1896, his wife in 1915; the children were born in

I am certain this is one of the two brothers but the children don't
match. Perhaps my informant mixed up the children.

Anyway is anyone familiar with this family?
Zona Finkelstein is an unusual name.

Paul Silverstone
New York
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