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David M. Fox <davefox73@...>

I am pleased to report that the 1850 Radoshkovich Revision List with 1,262
names is now available on the Belarus SIG website. This is the third shtetl
within the Vileika uyezd (district) of Grodno gubernia that has been
completed. The other shtetls within the district are being done, as long as
voluntary donations continue to be received for the Vileika District
Revision List Project. When the 1850 list is complete, work will begin on
the 1834 Vileika uyezd Revision List. The 1850 and 1834 lists are located in
the Vilna arc hive. The Revision Lists prior to 1834 are in the Minsk
archive. For those of you with an interest in this area, please continue to
make your contributions at

To view this new database, please go to the Belarus SIG homepage and then go to the URL listed
under "What's New".

Researchers of families in the Odessa region may also find data >from the
Belarus SIG databases useful for their research, since families >from Belarus
were used to settle the agricultural colonies in the Ukraine.

Jews some left Radoshkovich and became farmers in Kherson, some in 1847 and
some in 1850, etc. In the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah
there is a book that may be of interest to those who are researching their
ancestors >from Radoshkovichi who became farmers. Unfortunately, the only way
to see the book is to go to SLC. It is not available on library loan, or for
transfer to a local FHC, as far as I know.

Book Number 947.717 A33b:

TITLE: Fond 252, Odessa Office for Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia
(1806, 1807, 1814-1834, 1843, 1850): guide

CONTENTS: Indexed guide to 1050 files in three inventories in collection
(fond) 252, "South Russian Foreign Settler's Odessa Office, 1806-1850," with
supplement. Includes information on mainly German, Swedish, and Jewish
inhabitants and colonies in Kherson province, Russia; now Odesa district,

The original Records are located in the State Archives of Odessa Region,
Odessa, Ukraine.

David Fox
Mail to: davefox73@...
Belarus SIG Coordinator
Arnold, MD USA

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