Fanny (Fanja) Rosa Lichtenstein #general

Karina Holthoff <holthoffk@...>


I am looking for information on my grandmother's family, which lived in
Bialystock, Poland (now, Russia (when my grandma was born)). This family was

My grandmother married twice: once to Hans Joachim Gregor, a German Soldier
from Berlin and then my grandfather Karl Julius Genschow also >from Berlin.
My great grandparents were Jacob Lichtenstein and Ginendel Racskowdky, both
from Bialystok, Poland. (To my best knowledge)
I attach my family tree for the information I have gathered:

She had two sisters, one sister was Rura, who immigrated to Venezuela. One
cousin survived the holocaust and moved to Israel. A few died in the
concentration camps.

Unfortunately, I don't speak Hebrew or Polish and don't know how to approach
the research.

Can anybody help me please?

Kind regards
Karina Holthoff

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