Hebrew names, Bobruisk, Matlin, Kastenovitch. #general

lubarsky <lubarsky@...>

Since using my grandparents Russian names has been of little use in finding
information, I am wondering if hebrew names their parents of might be
useful: According to the betrothal contract my great-grandfathers (on my
mothers side) were Pinchas ben Yoseph HaCohen (Pinchas Matlin), and
Yehonatan ben Yisrael (maybe Kastenovitch). I have the name of one witness:
Eliyahu Yehosua ben David.

The wedding was Rosh Chodesh Kislev, 5663 (1902).

After much searching I found a photograph of Pinchas ben Yoseph HaCohen and
his wife whse name I think was Bela. This was probably sent to my grandparents
here in Connecticut >from Bobruisk much later, since my great-granparents
were quite elderly in the photo. Now I have faces to go with the names.

Bill Lubarsky

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