Re: AKA Harry Shapiro #general

L. Altman <altmanlh@...>

Of the many family members I have in my tree that went by the name Harry,
none of them had Harry as a birth name. Most of the Harry's were born as
Haim. some then went by Henrich for a while hten changed to Harry. Harry
is on a lot of their legal documents. Before computers - it was difficult
to verify "real" names quickly. So in answer to your question, yes it could
be normal. Another question would be are you *positive* that the record you
have is for the correct Harry? It is a very common name.

family member, I discovered, used the name HARRY
SHAPIRO during enlistment in the service (WWII)

a) is this "normal"?
b) should I approach this >from the same perspective
using birth name?

I do have a copy of military records, including
signature and proof of real name
Linda Altman
Raleigh, NC

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