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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Robert Fraser >from West Australia writes:
A Yad Vashem Page of Testimony submitted by my Father ..... tells me about two
cousins who were born in the 1920s and/or lived in a place called Imbach ..... a
small village in the Wachau region of Austria, west of Vienna, on the banks of
the river Danube. I've never heard of this place before, and it sounds an
unlikely (but not impossible) place for a Jewish family to live. I had expected
that would have lived in Vienna.
Robert, you can see the name of another inhabitant of Imbach who tragically
never returned after WW2 listed on the website "Juden in Krems" which of course
had a very old-established Jewish community:
Adolf STULZ, 3541 Imbach 31

If your German is good, you can also read how the Jews supported the Hussites in
their incursions in the  Krems/Imbach region in 1427 when the Convent of Imbach 
was burnt to the ground:
[this is one long URL; paste it all into the browser].
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 But returning to the tragedies of this century: on the "Letter to the Stars"
website: you can find a single Adolf STULZ
born on 14.12.1876 in Bossek, last known address, Vienna 13, Eitelbergergasse 13.
He was deported on 23.11.1941 >from Vienna to Kaunus, where he died presumably on
arrival on 29.11.1941. This is probably the Imbach "Adolf STULZ" at the sad end
of a long,long journey.

Using the same website, I can find Robert's little cousins [which he did not name]
by entering Imbach into "Gebortsort" slot: Renée and Ruth EISINGER, born resp. on
13.11.1924 and 08.06.27 in Imbach.
I can confirm they are Robert's family by going back to the Yad Vashem website and seeing his father's page of testimony where he states
their permanent residence to be Vienna. Arnold, their father, another victim was
born in Poysdorf, Austria - not Vienna, but their mother Olga nee SCHOENBERG was
born in Vienna.

Going back to the "Letter to the Stars" website and entering "Poysdorf" as
Geburtsort you will find two more EISINGER, Max and Regine. Regine had an address
in the Nussdorfer Str. in Vienna. You can then go back to the Yad Vashem database
and find that Robert's father had sent in testimonies for nine EISINGER family
members, including Max and Regine.

As for why the little girls were born in Imbach in the 1920s, Robert may be able
to find some Meldezettel to solve the mystery. The place was obviously not
populated with many Jewish families, as there is no further reference to it on
the databases I searched.

The point I want to make is that by careful use of a number of databases and
using "reverse searches" with places, addresses, testimonies etc one can obtain
a large amount of information which one can mentally "cut and paste" together to
try and build up a clearer picture of the place and the people one is researching.

And finally, Adolf STULZ has no page of testimony. He is the only victim,
presumed >from Imbach, but born in Bossek on the "Letter to the Stars" and "Yad
Vashem" websites. Let us remember him here. And where is Bossek, his birthplace -
could it perhaps be in Turkey? 

Celia Male [UK]

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