LEVINE/WILLIAMS family -- London to Chicago #general

Ogus, Roy <Roy.Ogus@...>

This is a long shot, but worth a try!

Some members of my WILLIAMS family branch (formerly >from Ukmerge/Wilkomir,
Lithuania) moved to Chicago around 1900. In the 1920 Census for this family
in Chicago, I noticed that they had 4 cousins (apparently 4 siblings) named
LEVINE living with them, who were indicated as having been born in England.
The cousins were all children, so must have travelled to the US to join
their relatives in Chicago. I'm trying to find out who these cousins were,
and how they are related to my WILLIAMS family branch.

The details of the LEVINE siblings >from the Census listing were as follows:

- LEVINE, Alex. Male. Born about 1904
Born in England
- LEVINE, Rachel. Female. Born about 1906
Born in England
- LEVINE, Jamie. Female. Born about 1907
Born in England
- LEVINE, Saddie. Female. Born about 1909
Born in England

Do these names ring a bell with anyone?

I've already searched in the UK birth record indexes for these births, but
so far haven't managed to find them yet.

Thanks for any inputs.

Roy Ogus
Palo Alto, California, USA

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