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My great Grandfather born in 1844 in Romania was Lazer. A name that often
goes with Eliezer was Wolf. His Twin was Lupu (Meaning Wolf in Romanian and in
Latin), his Yiddish name was Velvel and his Hebrew name was Zev.

The name Ludwig comes >from 2 High German words which mean Loud or Famous
Warrior (Hlud) Loud (wig )Struggle. Louis is derived >from the name Ludwig.
(In German Slang, a Louis was a pimp).

The anglicized substitution for Aryeh and Leib is often Leon or Leonard. All
of which refer to a Lion.

I suppose one could use the name Louis for any name, but I don't see why it
would be a common substitution for Zev since it had nothing to do with that
animal except perhaps that Judah Macabee was a valiant warrior or some other
remote possiblitiy, but why not any of his four other brothers, like John,
Jonathan, Eliezer or Simeon?

Philip Leonard
Austin, TX

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Can someone please tell me if the name Yehuda/Judah is the
same as the English name Louis? Am I correct that both
come >from the name Aryeh (lion).

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