Re: Does Yehuda = Louis? #general

Lifshitz-Krams Anne

=== As often in this case, it is not a translation in proper sense, but a
"phonic" substitution (like Alfred for Avram, Maurice for Moise, etc.).

Anne Lifshitz-Krams

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Subject: Re: Does Yehuda = Louis?

The name Ludwig comes >from 2 High German words which mean Loud or Famous
Warrior (Hlud) Loud (wig )Struggle. Louis is derived >from the name Ludwig.
(In German Slang, a Louis was a pimp).
I suppose one could use the name Louis for any name, but I don't see why
it would be a common substitution for Zev since it had nothing to do with
that animal except perhaps that Judah Macabee was a valiant warrior or some
other remote possiblitiy, but why not any of his four other brothers, like
John, Jonathan, Eliezer or Simeon?

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