STEINMANN from Burgsteinfurt(Westphalen)-deported #general

Ben Noach <bnnch@...>

Which paricipant of the group can supply the data and location
of death of the following individuals, deported in WWII,most probably
from Burgsteinfurt (Westphalen)-at least the family lived there
after May 1922-or, if some of them survived the war, what information
can be supplied about that:-

Julius STEINMANN-born 05 Nov 1888 in Burgsteinfurt
(Son of Mozes Steinmann & Malchen Hirsch),

married on 04 Apr 1922 in Hengelo(Netherlands)

Henriette(Harriet) VAN GELDER-born 19 Dec 1901 in Hengelo
(Daughter of Carel van Gelder & Sientje Mogendorff)

They had 2 sons:-

Kurt STEINMANN-born 19 Jun 1924 in Burgsteinfurt
Manfred STEINMANN-born 20JUl 1928 in Burgsteinfurt

I found a lot of literature available about the Jews of
Burgsteinfurt, but no on-line genealogical information.

I'll appreciate any help.

Ben Noach
Ramat-Gan (Israel).



Genealogische files:-

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