Ancestors from Samotschin, Prussia #general

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I would be very grateful for any advice as to how I can obtain any
information concerning the following families of two brothers born in
1830s in Samotschin, Prussia, which was near Kolmar betwen the cities
of Bromberg and Posen.

In 1857, they are shown on the passenger list of an American ship
sailing >from Liverpool, England, and disembarking at Melbourne,
Australia. Names on list were Sam SINA aged 25 and Max SINA aged 20,
occupation "labourers", nationality "foreign". The older brother
became my husband's maternal great-grandfather.

On almost all documents I have acquired, the name of their father is
always the same: Moses SINA. However, the name of their mother
differs so it is possible that they were half-brothers.

When Sam married in 1873 (Hebrew name on ketubah was Shimon ben
Moshe) his name was Simon SINA, and later became Simon/Simeon MAX
until his death in 1913. On his marriage certificate, he has given
the name of his mother as Betsy (!) MAX. On his death certificate
(the informant being his son-in-law) it is shown as Betsy HIMMEL,
with the father's name is given as Moses MAX!!).

Simeon had 6 daughters and 2 sons. Intriguingly, the Hebrew names (as
shown on ketubot or gravestones) of six children was "ben/bat
Shimon", although one son and one daughter were "ben/bat Sinai".

When Max married in 1877 (Hebrew name on ketubah was Menachem ben
Moshe), his name was Sina MAX and remained so until his death in
1901. He had no children. On his marriage certificate, he has given
the name of his mother as Pauline MANN.

I have now been able to obtain a copy of the Will and Probate file
for Sina MAX, in which for the first time we have found mention of
other relatives remaining in Prussia/Germany. He left half of his
estate in trust for the benefit of his wife during her lifetime, and
the other half to be divided equally between "my brother Simon MAX of
Bendigo; my sister Rica (i.e. Frederica) of Germany married woman; my
sister Nathalie of Germany married woman; the children of my sister
Bertha of Germany married woman ... the children of my sister Augusta
of Germany married woman ...the children of my sister Hannah of
Germany married woman ... who shall be living at the time of my
decease." After the death of his wife (in 1931), her half share was
to be divided equally between such of the brother, sisters, nephews
and nieces as were then living.

It would be a wonderful thing to be able to identify and perhaps even
make contact with surviving members of this family, and I do hope
that someone out there knows how I should go about this fascinating

Beverley Davis
Melbourne, Australia

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