Dr.Erno SCHVARCZ from Zsujta, Hungary #general

"Giselle Bodziony" bodziony@...

Dear Sir or Madam

I am looking for my grandfather, Dr. Erno SCHVARCZ (also possible: SCHWARCZ,
SCHWARTZ, SCHVARTZ), born 1884 in Zsujta, near Miskolc, Hungary, and his
descendants besides me. He was a lawyer in Miskolc - the last address I know
from him around 1938 is: Miskolc, Szemere utca 9. His parents: David Schvarcz
and Nelly Schvarcz, born FRIEDMAN. His brothers and sisters: Gyula Schvarcz
(killed in Auschwitz), Andras Schvarcz, Gizella Schvarcz. Dr. Erno Schvarcz
possibly emigrated to France.

I thank you for your help.

Giselle Bodziony

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