Jews in Kansas City, Missouri #general

Yehuda Berman <ybberman@...>

I just discovered on the Ellis Island ship manifests that my late father
Louis BERMAN, who arrived in the U.S. in 1906, listed his destination as a
cousin “BERMAN BUTTERMAN” (as best as I can decipher the manifest) who lived
on Central Ave. in Kansas City Missouri. I know that my father lived for
several years in St. Louis, Missouri but this is the first I’ve heard that
he had a cousin in the U.S. or that he lived in Kansas City which is at the
other end of the state.

Where can I find information on the Jewish community in Kansas City,
Missouri in 1906 or thereabouts? Or about any Bermans or Buttermans living
there at that time?

Thank you for any input,
Yehuda Berman,
Efrat, Israel

Searching for BERMAN (Tomashpol, Kishinev), ACHTMAN or ECHTMAN (Odessa),

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