The importance of knowing our ancestors occupations #general

Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

Dear Genners,

As usually you are a wonderful group of people. Many thanks for the
large amount of answers received to my message "why is it important
to know an ancestor's occupation?
Does it adds some important lead/clue to the related genealogical
search?". Let me summarize what you all wrote.

Unanimously the answer to my question was "yes, it is important or
*very important* to discover and learn our ancestors occupations".

The principal reasonings and justifications for that answer were:

1. Genealogical research isn't simply an exercise of collecting
names, places and dates. It goes far beyond the statistics, mainly it
comprehends learning more about how our ancestors dwelled and lived
in the old country. Knowing details about ancestors, like their
physical size or coloring or occupation, just adds more life to those
persons that we never knew. It makes them more human.

2. Knowing someone's occupation could permit to find additional
information about that person or family branch either in newspapers
or other (professional) directories.

3. Often Jewish family names are taken >from the work roles. Thus one
can deduce that somebody belonging to say the "Holtz" family ('wood'
in German) could be related to the wood business, or vice-versa, a
repeated occupation pattern could lead to discovering a new family

4. Official records related to a certain occupation might contain useful
information. If members of that occupation had an organization -- in
modern times, most likely a union -- that organization's records might
have information of genealogical interest.

5. If a relative had a common name, and/or a name that is commonly
misspelled, knowing the occupation could be a big help in assuring
that one is tracking the correct person when examining various
different genealogical sources.

Hope you find this recap useful
Friendly regards

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