Paul ROBSON in Czechoslovakia in 1945 + Martin Duberman's address is needed #general

Uri Jakubovic

Dear Genners,

Several weeks ago I asked in this forum the simple question: When was Paul ROBSON
in Prague? My father whose reminiscences I am writing says that he attended
Robeson's concert in Prague in the open air. He assumes that it was in 1945/1946.

All the answers said it was in 1949. Just one answer that came >from Bonnie Weiss,
the Archivist/Researcher for the Bay Area Paul Robeson Centennial Committee (That
is, the San Francisco Bay Area) was different. Besides Robeson's visit to Prague
in May 1949, Bonnie wrote that *** In August 1945 ***, Robeson participated in the
first integrated USO tour. Bonnie told me that In his 804-page biography of
Robeson, Martin Duberman states that the group made 32 appearances in Germany,
*** Czechoslovakia *** and France, but doesn't specify which date and which

Now that we know that Robeson was in Czechoslovakia in August 1945, do you, dear
Genners, have any idea how to make a progress in this research and know more
details about this visit (including especially whether Robeson was in Prague)?

I thought perhaps addressing Martin Duberman will be useful. So I would be glad
if any of you give me Duberman's e-mail address or postal address!

Thank you very much.

Uri Jakubovic,
Hadera, Israel

Researching: KLEIN (>from Mezocsat+Putnok), KENTNER (Tiszaluc), BERGER (Putnok),
GRUENFELD (Kunmadaras),JAKUBOVIC (Kolbasov+ Ulicske Krive+ Revuca)(Slovakia),
JOZA (Rimavska Sobota), BLOCH (Rimavska Sobota), VEIDMAN (Ulicske Krive+Sahy
(= Ipolysag), KOHN (Sahy), WEISS (Rimavske Brezovo), KRAUSZ (Tarnovce + Botfalva
+ Ljuta (= Havaskoz)) + Uzhorod, WEISSBERGER (Humenne).

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