Requested replies blocked by anti-spam software #general


I know that there has been a bit of thoughtful discussion on this forum
about the disadvantages of using anti-spam software to block all incoming email.
Until now, I had little to add this discussion; I thought that the issue was
well-covered here.

Yet, a bit earlier today, I had sent a response to a specific query posted
in this Digest. I had replied "privately," as is my preference. My response
was blocked by the recipient at the email address he had provided, and a long
process was required to un-block my letter, which necessitated using a
personal message, and my name, along with a code number provided.

Frankly, if any of us are so frightened of getting email, I don't see the
purpose of posting queries for which the poster seeks assistance. I never will
go through this process again. Instead, let the original poster set up a
dedicated email user name with his-or-her server for a specific purpose (or
purposes), and let the responding parties--who, let us not forget, are trying to
help--respond to this single dedicated email address.

It is insulting to all of us who participate in a forum such as this one
to explicitly request assistance and, then, to block the very letters in which
other participants attempt to offer that assistance.

Judy Segal
New York City, USA

MODERATOR NOTE: This post illustrates, in concrete terms as they affect one
individual, the issues Carol Skydell discussed in her earlier post. We must point
out, though, that the subject of spam blocking services is not genealogy, and is,
strictly speaking, offtopic in this forum. Carol, as a vice president of JewishGen,
may post messages on subjects that are not appropriate for extended discussion here.
We have allowed this response since it complements Carol's message so well, but we
will not post any further messages on this subject. Please send any responses to
Carol privately at < cskydell@... >.

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