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Jessica Schein <jesshschein@...>

I am trying to find the descendants of Jacob (Yankel) Chushansky or
Chusensky probably of Minsk.

He may be my greatuncle.

A Yankel Chusensky of Minsk aged 40 arrrived in NY in 1906 with his 15
year-old daughter Golda.

In 1913 there is an Ellis Island record for Leah Chushansky (age 39) and
her children going to be with her husband Jacob. Their place of origin
is listed as Piekrakow.

The children are listed as follows:

Rivke 18 years
Joseph 16 years
Pieshe 14 years
Aron 8 years
Joel 1 year.

Are these two Jacobs the same? I do not find any other Ellis Island
records for anyone with a similar surname name.

If this is the same Jacob he must have returned to Russia since there is
a baby in 1913. Of course, he could have travelled through a different
port of entry.

No Chusensky or Chushansky shows up on the 1910 census indexes and I can
not find him at the address given on either the 1906 or 1913 manifest,
but the microfilms are very faint.

My grandfather changed his name and I was told that his brother changed
his name too, but I'm not sure whether it was to Schein or something
else. In addition, my greatuncle took his family west, probably to
Louisiana. There was no known further contact between him and my

So, if you have an information which would help me, please contact me
privately. Thanks.

Jessica Schein

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