Re: Witz -- a town in the old Russian Empire #general

Werner Cohn <wernerco@...> wrote on 3/12/04
2:59 PM:

Subject: Witz -- a town in the old Russian Empire

Does anybody know what the present day name is of a place called
Witz, a place of birth noted in British naturalization papers of a
former citizen of the Russian Empire? I've had a go with the Daitch
Mokotoff search on the Shtetlseeker but obviously there are quite a
few contenders. I was wondering if anyone knew this as an anglicized > or old
name of a town. I do realize it is also the ending of many
surnames but this is definitely a place.

I would appreciate the answer sent to me privately as well as to the
list as I receive the digest version.
Witz is the German word for joke. Somebody has been pulling your leg.

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