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Hi Genners,
Daphne Brafman wrote:
"This subject has already discussed here but I don't remember the
that is why I am bringing it up again. My grandfather Avraham had a brother
Eliezer. Their father ,Leibish, also had a brother, Eliezer. The father of
Leibish and Eliezer is called Lajzor Jankiel. In other words- a father and
son with the same first name. A poor mathematician like me doesn't know what
to make out of it.
By the way- Until not long ago the information I had was that Lejzor Jankiel
was just Yankel.
I know that jews in Poland did not name children after their parents. Could
Lejzor be something else than Eliezer?"

Yes, Lejzor could be something other than Eliezer. There is also a Hebrew
name Elazar. In some family trees that I know of, there are brothers, one
named Eliezer, and one named Elazar, so there could be two different names
and two similar sounding nicknames as well.

The other possibility was mentioned by Udi who said perhaps the father died
by the time the child was born.

Haviva Langenauer
Palm Beach, Florida

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