Re: the role of the Vatican during the Shoah #general


If Daniel GOLDHAGEN has written on the subject of the Vatican's role in the
Shoah, his book probably is the definitive work to date. Mr. Goldhagen
already had proven his scholarship with his book _Hitler's Willing Executioners_,
in which he essentially indicted the whole German population for conspiracy in
the Shoah.

Nonetheless... Daniel SILVA has written a mystery exactly about the issue
of Vatican involvement. As some Digest participants must know, Mr. Silva has
written several thrillers with the same protagonist, a character who is
supposed to be an art restorer at the same time that this character is an
undercover Mossad agent.

Mr. Silva's book, The Confessor, is a compelling story about the role that
the Catholic Church actively played in not helping the Jews of Europe during
the Shoah, and the passive role that this same Church played in posturing that
it was helping the Jews. Silva's scholarship is excellent, even though the
plot is fictional, and the whole mystery is fact-based.

Judy Segal, NYC

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