Finding a business in the 1929 Polish Business Directory #general

Hazanjo <hazanjo@...>

OK...I've given this a try on my own. Either the information isn't in this
directory or I'm going about it the wrong way. My Aunt asked me to find an
address for my Great Grandfather's (Israel Joseph (Yasoff Srol)Kanet) place
of business in Czyzewo, Poland. He was a Tsitzasmacher. He left for the US
in 1930 leaving the business to his son-in-law. I assumed that this meant
his place of business would be in the 1929 Directory, but so far I've had no
luck. I'd appreciate any help or guidance.


Hazel Sandow Boon
Searching: HABER - Dzurów, Ukraine; STARK - Warsaw, Poland;
SADOFSKY/SADOWSKY - Lodz, Poland; KANET/KANNETT - Czyzewo, Poland

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