Re: Help- Baron Hirsch Cem (Staten Island NY) #general

Daniel Gee <DanielGee@...>

Dear Genners,
In response to the comments made about Jerry Krassner's look-up request,
last weekend I asked if someone was going to a cemetery in East London,
and signed my name off at the end, indicating I live in Hertfordshire, which
is only about 15 miles away.
Some bright spark emailed me to say that I was nearer than most people and
should go there myself.
Whilst true, the reason why it is difficult for me is that I have mobility
problems but didn't feel in necessary to tell everyone about it - and it is
not as easy as one might assume.
No one has emailed me to say they are going to East Ham, but it is possible
that Jerry Krassner may be in a similar situation to me.
Never presume!
Daniel in Hertfordshire
(still hoping someone might be going to East Ham Cemetery!!)

Hi Jerry Krassner: Why don't you try to telephone the office at Baron
Hirsch tomorrow to see if you can learn more specifics about the grave
site such as location, path number, organization, etc. etc.?? Then, when you
request a favor on line, you can offer reliable information to a possible
volunteer. Also, I see that my fellow Genner Sam Schleman (below) has
already asked for your location. Important. Regards and good luck, Carol
Raspler, Delray Beach, FL

From: "Sam Schleman" <Samara99@...>
Subject: Re: Help- Baron Hirsch Cem (Staten Island NY)
I know this has been said before, but where do you live? I have had
people request I go to cemeteries to take photographs for them when
they lived much closer than I do.

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