Kenosheen or Kidasheen #belarus

Ellen Cleary <ellencleary@...>

Thanks to your advice, I have consulted the Shtetl Seeker. These are the
places that come up closest to Minsk Poland OR Belarus.

I am looking for a community that is called Kenosheen or Kidasheen that was
in Russian Poland near Minsk.

If you can pronunce the names of the towns below, would you please help me
rule out the ones that would not sound like Kenosheen or Kidasheen?

And, if you know which of these towns would and would not have been part of
Russian Poland around the end of the 19th century, the beginning of the 20th
century, would you please tell me which would and which would not, so I can
use that information to rule them in or out as possibilities?

According to the Shtetl Seeker, Minsk, Poland is 24.4 miles E of Warsaw at
52.11N 21.34E

Ellen Cleary
Kenner Louisiana
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