Need input about a name #general


Shalom you'all:

I just returned >from the FHL in Fort Myers Florida and I got mystery on me hands.
As we all know, the Polish records start with Birth, Marriage and Death sections.
Well, the record that I pulled out is in the Births section and the Akt before
as well as the Akt after the record in question are Birth Akts (Akt 297 and Akt
299 for the year 1852). Akt # 298 states (in Polish) "Akt Zejscia Herszka Zajdman
z Miedzyrzeca" (death record of Herszko Zajdman >from Miedzyrzec), but the wording
is for a Birth Akt. it states that Herszko Zajdman was there (at the registrar
office) with wittnesses and showed a male child (the whole szpill in Polish,
which I read and speak, so its not a mistake on my part).He even signed the
ledger in Hebrew!!!. The "clincher" is that Herszko Zajdman named his newborn
son HERSZKO. Now, the Zajdman's were Ashkenazi, lived in a Shtetel (Miedzyrze
Podlaski or as they called it Mezritch)that didn't have Separadi Jews (to my
knowledge)and didn't name their children after relatives that were alive. I
would say that it was a mistake on the part of the registrar, but 3 grown man
signed this record (and 2 of them signed the other records), or could it be a
different way to "confuse the Death Angel" (Malach HaMavet)?

Need your "take" on this,
confused Arie L. Wishnia

from Ft. Myers, Florida

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