Double surname #general


Shalom you'all (again):
Just came across a record of marriage (Akt Malozenstwa) that shows the groom
to have a double surname (in 1848). The name as it appears on the Akt is Abram
Moskowicz Twardedrzewo. I don't think that it means son of Moszko. In Russia
the children would be named a name then a pathrinomic that would end in a
"wicz" for a male or "owna" for a female, but not in Poland. Is it an
indication as to "where from" his family came?, and if yes, was there a Rabbi
by the name or Kinui of Moskowicz or Moskower in Podolia? and if yes, was he
related to the Besht?
Arie L. Wishnia

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