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Werner Timann <werner.timann@...>

Regina David nee GOTTGETREU (born 18 March or May 1882 in Czarnikau
/Czarnkow), together with her husband (?) Wilhelm DAVID(born 24 March 1884
in Chelmno), daughter (?) Ruth David (born 24 July 1913 in Zirke/Sierakow)
and her (?) baby Judith David (born 18 Feb 1944) escaped 1945 from
Theresienstadt, where they had been deported before via Riebnig from
Breslau, Telegrafenstr. 6.

Have you any information about relatives named GOTTGETREU of Regina DAVID
nee GOTTGETREU, particularly in the town of Czarnikau? My special interest
refers to Dr. med. Heinrich Gottgetreu, born 1875 in Czarnikau, who is
mentioned upto 1935 in the Berlin Address Dirctory, and Isidor GOTTGETREU,
born 22.10.1859 in Czernikau, who died 12 Sep 1912 in Chemnitz. Are they
related to each other? And do you know any living descendant of these

Thanking you in advance for your assistance, with best regards,

Werner Timann.


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