Re: Mihaljfalva #general

Alexander Sharon

"Jonathan Hemley" wrote

I'm looking for the location of a town in Humgary that may
not exist anymore. I think Mihaljfalva is in Hungary.
I'd like to know its location and how far it is >from Mezotur.
My relatives came >from both places.



Mihalyfalva also known currently as Michalovce or Gemerske Michalovce (on
the river Kalosa) is located about 100 miles North >from Mezotur in Hungary.
Nearest larger town is Tornala. Region was known as Vas Megye in pre WWI

There is indication that another village by the same name has been also
located in pre WWI Vas Megye (Province). Since Mezotur is located in Jasz
Nagykun Szolnok region, you would be able to identify and measure a distance
between the towns.

You may select to use for this exercise a 1910 vintage Hungarian maps
located at:

Happy measuring,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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