Finding mailing addresses #general

Wendygriswold <wendygriswold@...>

Hi, cousins.

With a lot of help and support >from the genners, I have recently discovered
several of my father's first cousins. Apparently they did not know about
each other because their parents grew up on opposite coasts and there was no

Through sources like I've found phone numbers and cities of
residence, but I'd like to contact them by letter rather than by calling.

Does anyone have experience with paying sites like for the info
on mailing addresses? Or is there a better way? Are these sites legit? And
if they can get the info, why can't I?

All advice welcome. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.

Wendy Griswold
Arlington VA

BLITZ, PFEIFFER - Zhurawno (near Lvov) DWASS/DAVIS - Ekaterinoslaw
(Dniepropetstrovsk), Ukraine; EINHORN, WENZELBERG - Galicia (Mlynczyska,
Catowisce, Ochotnica, Palesnica, Nowy Sacz, Czarny Dunajec), Chicago, New
Jersey, Los Angeles;
GARFINKEL - Witebsk, Belarus

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