Sending a fax to Israel - Thnak You #general


I would like to thank everyone who responded to my request for assistance
concerning sending a fax to Israel.

It turns out that there is a list of country codes right in the front of the local
telephone directory. Additional invaluable instructions such as dropping the
leading zero of the city code came >from the many generous people who responded.

Jeff Miller
Brookeville, Maryland

Researching: YUDELOWITZ/JUDELOWITZ, LAN, COHEN, >from Panevezys, Pumpenai,
Seta, Vilijampole Lithuania
BLANKFURT/BLANKFORT >from Sirvintos (Shirvint) Lithuania
VITMAN/BITNUN/WHITEMAN >from Lithuania, Canada, England
MLYNARZ >from Ostroleka, Poland
FRAIDER/FREIDER and BRASLOWSKY >from various places Ukraine

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