SACK Family in London #general

Daniel Gee <DanielGee@...>

Please can you check your files for anyone called SACK in London.
I am looking for any clues about:
- Reuben SACK (born about 1908 and believed not to have married)
- Jessie SACK (his sister, who married Alf; surname unknown) or
- Lily SACK (their sister, who married David; surname again unknown)
Between them, Jessie & Lily had children called Nina, Norma and Barbara.
Their mother Rebecca SACK (1885-1944) is buried in Edmonton.
Their father Hyman SACK (1879-1922) is also there.
I cannot find Reuben's resting place, but in 1944 he was known to be living in
Coronation Avenue, Stoke Newington, London N16 (1944).
Please respond privately - all clues are most welcome!
Thank You,
Daniel Gleek in London

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