Holland American Passenger List Question #general

C. Surprise <surprcj@...>

I would appreciate it if someone familiar with using the Holland American
passenger lists could suggest a solution to the problem I recently

from the EIDB, I discovered that my cousin, Golde Garfunkel, had departed
from Rotterdam on the Amsterdam and arrived in NY on January 21, 1904.
Knowing that the Amsterdam was a ship in the Holland American line, I then
checked the Holland American passenger list index for ships leaving
Rotterdam in January 1904. Sure enough, Golde was listed in the index.
The index showed that the Amsterdam left Rotterdam on January 9th and that
Golde had contract number 3910. Next, I looked at the actual passenger list
for that passage. Golde was not listed as a passenger, and someone else
(whose name was not at all familiar to me) was shown as having contract
number 3910. Any thoughts on this discrepancy would be appreciated!

Aside >from this little problem, I would recommend these lists. They are
very easy to read, the handwriting is extremely legible, and they provide
one more tidbit of information about the lives of our immigrant families.
The ones I looked at were at the Boston Public Library.

Cynthia Surprise
Acton, MA, USA

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