"Herschmann Pohl Jeiteles" in Prague Familiant and 1792/94 Prague census #austria-czech

Peter Zimmer <Zimmer-Luedinghausen@...>

Hi list,

I use four different sources to find a connection between a certain
ancestor of mine.

Marriage certificates, birth certifictes, Familanten book entries and
the 1792/94 Prague Jewish Census.

It is the "oldest" member of the Pohl family, Herrschmann Pohl my
5x ggrandfather Herschmann Pohl I am trying to find.

In the Prague familant he is the father of Elias Pohl who is given
marriage consensus on August 13, 1793 to Sara Lippmann Phillip geschieden
(divorced=) Gub. Zahl (number) 24182.

In the marriage certificate Elias's wife is given as "Sara Tochter
des Filip Katz aus Jenikof".

Now I am trying to find Herschmann and Rebecka Pohl as well as Elias
and Sara Pohl in the 1792 /94 census.

There is no Herschmann Pohl and no Rebecka Pohl in the 1792 part.
Which could mean both of them were already dead by 1792. Otherwise they
would appear under Herschmann Pohl or Sarah Pohl as a widow.

In the 1792 I find Elias Pohl living in house No. 157 ledig (single)
Gahrkuechler. (P.54)

In the 1794 census I find a Rachel Pohl, Witwe Gahrkuechlerin.
Her first son is Elias Pohl followed by "ledig" in triangular brackets
which is followed by "verheiratet" without brackets. Now he is a
"unbestimmter Fuhrknecht". His "Eheweib" is Sara and they have already
got a daughter Rebeka Pohlin ledig Ladendienerin!. (p.206)
On the birth certificate her date of birth is given as June 30, 1794!
She must have been a very young "Ladendienerin"!!

from this 1794 census I draw the conclusion, that Rachel is Elias's
mother in the Familiant called Rebecka.

Now I wonder why she was not in the 1792 census as a widow or was
Herschmann not dead by then? Were the two or one of them forgotten?

Strange is another entry I found which might give an explanation.
On page 44 of the 1792 census I find a "Jeiteles, Herschmann Pohl"
living in house number 75 verheiratet Hausjude.

Pohl is a very unlikely first name. Two family names Pohl and Jeiteles
are unlikely too.

Now here is my question: Is it possible that Herschmann Pohl Jeiteles
is my ancestor Herschmann Pohl?

This could explain why he is not in the 1794 census as Herschmann and
which also explains why his wife is not given as a widow in the 1792 census.
If this is the case I can assume that Herschmann Pohl died between 1792
and 1794.

In later generations I also find Jeiteles in my family tree.

Best regards

Peter Zimmer
Muenster, Germany

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