Remember Krakow Jewry! #general

Ada Holtzman

The Organization of the Former Jewish Residents of
Krakow(Poland) in Israel, invites you to a Remembrance Assembly,
for the memory of the Krakow Holocaust martyrs, which
will take place on Yom Hashoa VeHagvura, Holocaust Martyrs'
and Heroes' Remembrance Day, 28th of the month of Nisan 5764,
April 19th, 2004, at 16:30, near the memorial monument of
Krakow martyrs in Kiriat Shaul Cemetery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Program of the ceremony:
Speech by Mr. Dawid Rajzer, chairman of the Landsmanschaft
"Krakow which is no more" a poem of Mr. Natan Gross will be
read by the writer Miriam Akavia.
Prayers will be cuted by Mr. Ari Landa.

The ceremony will be attended by students of the High School
Ironi H' of Tel Aviv.


Ada Holtzman

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