Re: Seeking Zonenberg & Kujawski descendants: U.S. & Belgium #general

Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

I just learned that the two sisters of my paternal grandfather
(who came >from the environs of Lodz, Poland) emigrated to the
U.S. and Belgium. (Don't know which of the two sisters went
to which country, however.) My grandfather's name was Simon Wolf
(originally known as Szija Wolf KUJAWSKI). Since grandpa left
Poland for England in the mid-1890's, I'm assuming that his
2 sisters also left around the turn of the 20th century.
(This is purely conjecture on my part, however.)

The older of the 2 sisters, named Kaza Jenta (or) Jenwa
KUJAWSKA was born in Lodz in 1874. In 1897 (at age 23) she
married a Michail ZONENBERG age 27 (again, in Lodz).

The younger of the 2 sisters, named Trajdla Ryfka (KUJAWSKA)
was born in Lodz in 1878. (I have no record of her marrying
-- i.e., in Lodz.)

I have copies of the relevant birth and (the one marriage) entries.
Obviously both of the sisters must be long deceased.
I am now seeking the (hopefully living) descendants of
Michail and Kaza Jenta (nee KUJAWSKA) ZONENBERG and of Trajdla Ryfka
KUJAWSKA. I should add that although I have tried to locate
descendants of my KUJAWSKI ancestors (using many if not all
of the resources available) but so far have been unsuccessful.
My father traveled around Poland after the 2nd world war
(hoping to find surviving relatives) but found none.

If anyone can help me find these members of my family --
in the U.S. Belgium, or elsewhere, please get in touch.

Please respond privately.

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, CA
formerly >from Birmingham, England

KUJAWSKI (Szija Wolf and others): Lodz, Poland
ISAACS (family of Solomon & Sarah): Poland/England
MORRIS: Poland/England
DROZDIASZ (or variants): Karczew, Poland/Preston, England
SAFIRSTEIN (or variant): Karczew, Poland/Preston, England
SHORN (Morris & Yetta): Poland?/London, England

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