Re: EPSTEIN family legend #general


I believe that the originator of this thread only
wanted to know if any other Genners had ever heard of
this bubbameise. I am sure that the credibility of
the story was not the point. Please let us not be so
harsh on our fellow-Genners. Where else can we openly
discuss strange family stories and histories? Because
as we know, sometimes there is a kernel of truth
hiding inside/beside/around some of these 'jems.'

Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA
<<I am not familiar with this legend. I would wonder,
though, what the chances are that it is true. Why
would a Spanish family open the cave by talking
Yiddish? They probably would not have known Yiddish
until they lived amongst Ashkenazim. And even if they
were fluent in several languages, they should have
opened the cave with their day to day language, or

It was a Spanish family, but the stone was in Germany.
Do you expect a German stone to understand Spanish?>>

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