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I am planning a visit to Ukraine this spring but I am still not sure which Nikolayev my family was from, the Nikolayev in Podolia ore the one near Odessa. Maybe someone has some ideas.

My grandfather, Frank Wein (nee Efroim Wishnepolsky) belonged to the Nikolayever Brotherly Benevolent Association in New York City. I can't tell which city they were connected with but I did see some files that suggested that another organization, the First Nikiolayever Sick and Benevolent Association (also in New York City) was connected with the one in Podolia.

Am I to assume then that the organization my grandparents were members of was the Nikolayev near Odessa? Or not. Does anyone have any wise words to share on this?

These are the names I am searching for: Aaron, Abram or Efroim WISHNEPOLSKY (>from either Savran, Uman, Zarivka [or some similar sounding town], or one of the Nikolayevs), ZITOMERSKY (Anna, Moishe, Esther, etc. >from Bogopoli), TIPLETSKY (Bracha, Jennie or Abraham-Mordecai) >from Savran), SALZMAN (David >from Odessa), HIRSHMAN (or FISHMAN--Elizabeth, Meyer or Rose LEVY Hirshman or Fishman), KREMENETSKY (Gnendel and R. Sender >from Bogopoli or one of the Nikolayevs).

Thanks so much. (Hope I did all this right; this is my first time!)

All best,
Marilyn Webb

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