Re: Yet More on the SSDI and "Modern" Social Security Numbers #general

Avrohom Krauss <krauss@...>

I wish hospitals would have been so concerned about our birth registration!
When our first was born (1987) and we received her birth certificate,imagine how
we felt after reading the notation in the space for father-"unknown"! (Needless to
say, I went down to the appropriate office with whatever documents needed and
filed an ammendment form to prove my paternity). Such mistakes can occur in
today's computer age. Social security forms filled out by hospital staff should be
no exception. Parents beware.

Avrohom Krauss
Telz-Stone Israel

The hospital also fills in the birth registration. It is as likely that
there would be no father listed on a Social Security form as on a birth
certificate, I would imagine. And that is unlikely if the father is
there-they don't like getting sued.>

Sally Bruckheimer
Harrison, NY

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