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Ury Link

Dear Genners,
Mimi Katz asked:

>>>Would anyone have information on the given name "Veit"? Is there any
connectionto the name Leopold?
Mimi Katz, Chicago>>>>

My answer is: First the name Leopold have nothing to do with the name
Veit,the are 2 different names with no connections.

The origin of the name Veit is the old Latin name Vitalis >from the root
vita what mean life. Through the years it changed >from Vitalis to Vidal
and Vitel in the middle ages in Spain,France and Germany and >from this
countries it moved to Eastern Europe as Faytel and Veidel and to Fayt and
Veit. This name is not a nickname to the name Chaim as a lot of people
think, this name was earlier then the name Chaim . Vitalis is used by Jews
in ancient Rome according Alexander Beider in his book Dictionary of
Ashkenazic given names page 305 .The name Chaim was not used before the 10
century a.d. The word Chaim what mean in Hebrew life ,is a Bibilical word
but was not used as a name.In the divorce books is the name Feitel a
nickname to the Hebrew name Yakir and Mr Alexander Beider give in his book
the explanation that this name is also a nickname to the Hebrew name Avigdor.

The name Leopold is a old German name and is a compounded name Leo +Pold.
Leo mean a Lion and Pold get out >from Bold (or Bald) and mean
a courageous man. Leo is a nickname to the Hebrew name Yehuda and >from
this we have the nickname Leib.

Best regards
Ury Link

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