SCHECHTER from Skalat and Starokonstantin #general

ben-ari <yrcdi@...>

First let me say that thanks to a previous message I posted as to this
group, a distant cousin (in-law) contacted me and we've been corresponding
and I just added dozens of new names to our cousin registry.

Secondly, let me try again.

My greatgrandfather, Yacov Gedalia SCHECHTER, (son of David son of
Yisrael)having lived in Skalat and Starokonstantine and his ancestors were
from Ostraha and (Rabbis of) Kremenetz, came to Jerusalem in the second half
of the 19th cent. I keep a registry of all his descendants.

He had brothers and uncles who emmigrated to Vienna and the USA. We know
some first names but nothing more about their wanderings.

Does this sparse information sound familiar to anyone?

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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