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The name Sheva, sometimes pronounced Shayva, is usually a shortened form of
Batsheva. It could also possibly be Elisheva but Batsheva is a better bet.
The cantor sounds like a bit of an ignoramus, because if someone is called
Sheva, that is her name!

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Can anyone please validate the name Shayva or Sheva (pronounced shave-a as
in "with a razor")? Maybe my transliteration isn't right. I have a friend in
Buffalo NY who is saying a misheberach every week for my niece to get well.
The Cantor at her shul insists there is no such name, and to do a
misheberach they need her mother's name. My sister was named for my mother's
mother who my mom told us was Shayva.
Any help on this would be appreciated.

Abe Simon
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