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Rony <golanron@...>

My grandmother, Zlata KRAMARUTSKY, was born in Kaunas, Lithuania and was
named Zlata in the original birth registry, both in Russian and in Hebrew.
When she gave birth in Sighet, Romania she was named once Eugenia and once
My cousin, Zahava SCHWARTZ ANDRIEVSKY is named after her

Rony Golan
Ramat Hasharon, Israel

KRAMARUTSKY, Kaunas, Vandzigala, Lithuania;
SLOMOVITS - Sighet, Raozavlea, Stramtura, Romania; Akna Szlatina, Ukraine;
EISDORFER - Hungary;
FRIEDMAN, GOLDSTEIN, north eastern Hungary;
NEIMAN (NAJMAN) Bedevla (Beddo), Ukraine.

Helene Kenvin wrote:

I hope that "young rabbi" knows more about Tanach than he knows about names
that Jews used in Europe. My great-great-grandmother was named Zlata and my
grandmother was named Chaya Zlata in her memory. The name is >from the Slavic
word "zloty," a type of coin.

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