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Myra Shalet wrote: "My mother's name was Zlata and I was also told by a young
rabbi that there was no such name."

I hope that "young rabbi" knows more about Tanach than he knows about names
that Jews used in Europe. My great-great-grandmother was named Zlata and my
grandmother was named Chaya Zlata in her memory. The name is >from the Slavic
word "zloty," a type of coin.

"Zlata" is >from "Zloto", the Polish for "Gold" Thus the Polish unit of
currency is called the Zloty, just as the currency of the Netherlands is
called the Guilder for a similar reason. The grandmother, Chaya-Zlata, had
she been born elsewhere, might have been called "Chaya-Golda", with no
reference to coinage. I am grateful to Ms Shalet, who has made my day

Stan Goodman, Qiryat Tiv'on, Israel

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